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Alexandre Fitness

De La Riva Dublin


I’m so glad to be a member of this club! Everyone is super welcoming, and Professor Alexandre Leite is a great teacher who will help you achieve your goals. I would recommend this club to anyone looking to give BJJ a try for the first time, or continue their training.

Katie Evans

Absolutely fantastic gym, I can not speak highly enough about Professor Alex he is a first class coach, how he breaks down everything to make it seem so simple is amazing! Everyone at the gym was very welcoming and friendly and although I've only been training there 1 month I honestly feel right at home! You will not find a better place to train in BJJ anywhere in the country. If you want to improve your fitness, self-confidence and your life in general De La Riva is the place to go!

Paul Kelly

Having returned to BJJ after a 5 year break I was nervous and felt I would find it hard to fit in being older and not as fit, but Alex was very helpful and welcoming to his club, along with the members who to me are the core of any BJJ gym and I have found they have helped me fit back in and enjoy every training session. Alex is a very understanding coach, he will keep with you even and work with you to understand a technique, all in a friendly and fun environment. If you were to look at the skill level of his white belt students, you would see they are extremely strong and have brilliant technique, showing he knows how to develop great BJJ players.

Graham Cowley

Instructor is an absolute gent and is an excellent coach. You will learn a lot in this class!


Awesome place to train at for all BJJ levels, Alexandre is an amazingly talented fighter and instructor. Highly recommended!

Ivan Breslauer

Alexandre is a very passionate professor, dedicated to BJJ. He was always there for me in case of need. I definitely recommanded this place for the practice of BJJ!

Laurent Stefenatto

Experienced, patient, and passionate about his job. Learning self defense, training to BJJ fights, getting fit or all itens mentioned before, Alexandre is right person.

Bruno Vasconcelos

I've been training with Prof. Alexandre Leite in DLR Inchicore for about 7 months now and I've been having a great time. De La Riva is an ego free academy where everyone is accepted equally. It is led by Prof. Alexandre who is a second degree black belt in BJJ he has a very professional and enthusiastic way of teaching the class that translates to a fun but hard working atmosphere and helps each student to progress individually at their own pace. Highly recommended to train with Prof. Alexandre at one of the best places to learn high quality BJJ in Ireland.

Conor Brennan

Been training here about a month now and I love it, Alexandre is a great teacher not only making it easy to learn the moves but also fun. Would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to get into BJJ or MMA no matter what level of experience

lauren o farrell

Alex is a great trainer who is pasionste about his jobs. You can tell he loves teaching his class and passing his know how techniques onto his students. No matter if you have never trained BJJ or MMA before, if you want to learn new things he is one the best ones to come to.

maros oslej

Excellent coach. Best in the country by a mile. Breaks down complex techniques into a simple format. Train with Alex while you have the chance.

Graham Tucker

Great trainer, great atmosphere. I have been training at this gym for 3 years and I can't say enough about Alex and the level of training and dedication he provides to his students. Great for all levels and would highly recommend.

gary carbery

Can't say enough to describe the professional training and health advice received from Alexandre. He helps to break down some difficult techniques into a simple format, maximising performance and ability to complete workouts and the martial art he teaches; BJJ. Training with Alex is always fun and he cannot do enough to help people out when it is needed. Recommended for anyone and everyone that wants to get fit or try a new form of fitness

Daryl Mc Donald

Positive vibe with a great teacher. Very friendly and fun environment with 1 on 1 breakdown of moves and sequences. As a relative beginner to this sport, Alex made me feel right at home and at ease from the beginning.

Stephen Frazer

I have been training at de la riva Dublin with BJJ Blackbelt Professor Alexandre Leite for the past 6 months and it has been an amazing experience. BJJ has improved my fitness significantly and has given me increased self confidence. The atmosphere is fantastic, everyone is friendly and welcoming. The method of teaching Prof Alex employs ensures high levels of safety and continuous improvements of techniques. I competed in my first tournament in June and was given the full support from my coach and team. Jujitsu is great for all shapes and sizes and Prof Alex is the best around to learn from.

Aaron McDonnell

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